Southern Suburbs Chess Club

Southern Suburbs Chess Club

Southern Suburbs Chess Club

Southern Suburbs Chess Club

Southern Suburbs Chess Club

Southern Suburbs Chess Club



Information for future tournaments and results from current or relatively recent tournaments can be accessed from the Tournaments and Results menu, which can be found in the main menu in the left column of the page.

Reports from older tournaments can be accessed through the links below.


2019 Southern Suburbs Open
2019 SSCC Round Robin
2019 Southern Suburbs Championship
2019 Harris Interclub Competition
2019 SSCC Blitz Championship
2019 SSCC Allegro Championship
2019 SSCC Rapidplay Championship
2019 SSCC Fischerandom Tournament
2019 SSCC Christmas Blitz


2018 Southern Suburbs Open
2018 SSCC Round Robin
2018 Southern Suburbs Championship
2018 Harris Interclub Competition
2018 SSCC Blitz Championship
2018 SSCC Allegro Championship
2018 SSCC Rapidplay Championship
2018 SSCC Fischerandom Tournament
2018 SSCC Christmas Blitz


2017 Southern Suburbs Open
2017 SSCC Round Robin
2017 Southern Suburbs Championship
2017 Harris Interclub Competition
2017 SSCC Blitz Championship
2017 SSCC Allegro Championship
2017 SSCC Rapidplay Championship
2017 SSCC Fischerandom Tournament
2017 SSCC Christmas Blitz


2016 Southern Suburbs Open
2016 SSCC Round Robin
2016 Southern Suburbs Championship
2016 Harris Interclub Competition
2016 SSCC Blitz Championship
2016 SSCC Allegro Championship
2016 SSCC Rapidplay Championship
2016 SSCC Fischerandom Tournament
2016 SSCC Christmas Blitz


2015 Southern Suburbs Open
2015 SSCC Round Robin
2015 Southern Suburbs Championship
2015 Harris Interclub Competition
2015 SSCC Blitz Championship
2015 SSCC Allegro Championship
2015 SSCC Rapidplay Championship
2015 SSCC Fischerandom Tournament
2015 SSCC Christmas Blitz